Busiati Trapanesi

Sicily is a sun kissed island, characterized by citrus aromas and a rich diverse history. In fact, the culture of fine dining may have been conceived in Sicily when Archestratus, a poet born in Gela, in the 4th century B.C, wrote "Gastronomia" as an ode to the pleasures of the Sicilian table. It is here that tradition and passion combined to create the Bella Italia Busiati. This particular cut is an interpretation of the ancient pasta "Busiata" of Arabic origin, that is obtained by wrapping the "bus", or the thin reed of a plant, around the pieces of dough. The name "Busiata" or "Maccheroni al ferro" refers to a shape of pasta, which is typical of the Trapani area. This pasta cut, made by the expert hands of the Sicilian "housekeepers", is a magic shape that can hang on the last drop of sauce and is ideal for fish-based sauces.

Busiati Trapanesi


Sicily is an island off the coast of Calabria, the “toe of Italy”. It is the largest island in the Mediterranean. Sicily is separated from mainland Italy, only by the narrow Strait of Messina and it’s located about 100 miles northeast of Tunisia, in Northern Africa. It’s central location in the Mediterranean Sea made it easy to be conquered by the Greeks, Byzantines, Arabs, and Norman peoples.


Bella Italia Busiati Trapanesi is a pasta cut, made by the expert hands of the Sicilian “housekeepers”. This twisted magic shape hangs on the last drop of sauce and recalls the traditional art of Sicilian cooking.

Busiati Trapanesi


Busiati originally from Trapani western Sicily, this pasta cut resemble a telephone cord. It’s perfect match is with vegetable sauce. A delicious way to enjoy Busiati Trapanesi? Simple: try with Bella Italia Sugo alla Norma.

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