Gigli Toscani

Toscana's rich culinary tradition was formally codified in the 19th century during the period of the Lorena dynasty. During the Renaissance, Florentine gastronomic was expressed through lavish banquets, which were an elegant expression of Tuscan culture amidst aristocracy of that era. These events were so important, in fact, that some of the most famous artist and craftsmen like the Buontalenti devoted themselves to organizing numerous gatherings.
The culinary art eventually became a science thanks to numerous cooking and etiquettes books, which have been handed down over the generation. Florentine like to underline that Caterina de' Medici married King Henry II in 1533, she introduced the recipes which enable French cuisine. Despite the seeming formality, Tuscany cuisine places greater importance on substance rather than form, embracing a rustic appeal. It is largely based on the excellent quality of the raw matrerials and the genuine personality of the Tuscan people. Gigli are an ideal cut for meat sauces.

Gigli Toscani


Toscana, the cradle of Renaissance art and Italian literature, is a central region in Italy surrounded by the regions Liguria, Emilia-Romagna, Umbria and Lazio. This famous region borders the coastline of the Tyrrhenian Sea, containing the Tuscan Archipelago, of which the largest island is Elba.


Bella Italia Gigli Toscani bring the authentic Tuscan experience into your home. Thanks to its curvy shape, the bronze die used to make this particular cut gives our pasta a slightly rough surface, which allows the sauce to better cling to it.

Gigli Toscani


Its unique curvy shape makes this cut ideal for meat based sauces, which will perfectly cling to it. Looking for the best combination? Try it with our Bella Italia Ragù Toscano!

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