Strascinati Pugliesi

Strascinati  are typical of Puglia and this particular cut is made by following ancient recipes that call for  dragging small pieces of dough by hand, which is also where its name derives from. In the city of Taranto and the Itria Valley, they are also known as "Chiancarelle", "Fiaffioli", or "Facilletti". This pasta is so cherished in the region that the town of Latiano hosts an annual festival called "Stacchioddi".
Although currently associated with Puglia, Strascinati were most likely created in the South of France during the Middle Ages. The story goes that large amounts of similar pasta were loaded  onto ships that were preparing to travel long distances. Eventually, the old recipe arrived in Puglia and was renamed "Strascinati" by the Angioini, the dynasty that ruled in the Thirteenth Century. According to extensive research done on Puglian food and wine, Strascinati originated in the Sannicandro di Bari territory during the rule of the Norman-Sawbian between the twelfth and thirteenth century. Strascinati are ideal with vegetables like broccoli and fish based sauces.

Strascinati Pugliesi


Puglia is a region in the south of Italy, forming the heel of Italy. Antiquity and history are words that perfectly describe Puglia. It is situated in the heart of the Mediterranean and it is a land of lush, fragrant olive trees, traditional vineyards, and a fertile soil which lends itself to the cultivation of many important Italian ingredients.


Bella Italia Strascinati Pugliesi is a pasta cut typical of Apulia resembling an olive leaf. It is made like in the old times by dragging the dough with three fingers on a wooden table. Thanks to this special process the pasta has a rough and a sleek surface reflecting the contrasting Apulia’s landscapes.

Strascinati Pugliesi


Strascinati Pugliesi authentic pasta from Apulia has its perfect combination with Bella Italia Sugo alle Cime di Rapa. A traditional peasant dish, simple but with a unique taste that comes from the mix of flavors: the bitter that distinguishes Broccoli raab and the flavor of the anchovies. Delight the simplicity.

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