The tradition

Abruzzo region is one of Italy's less-visited areas. This picturesque section of central Italy, where narrow streets give way to piazzas, palaces and churches, reflects Italy's vast trove of architectural periods and styles.

Join the crowd for a stroll around Corso Ovidio, Sulmona's main drive. If you're up for hiking, head to the Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga National Park. Many small villages of Abruzzo are still built on settlements that predate the Romans and seems largely unchanged since the 1200s.


Abruzzo boasts a cuisine distinct within Italy, well known for its variety and richness owing to the heterogeneity of its territory. The mountainous, agricultural, and coastal aspects of Abruzzo have contributed to its cuisine. Due to the mountains themselves, much of Abruzzese cuisine grew separated from the influence of international commerce and civilization until the 20th century, fostering a unique culinary tradition.

Among the foods most commonly used are: bread, pasta, meat, cheese and wine.

Mortadella di Campotosto.

Did you know...

Ariana Grande is Italian-American, of half Sicilian and half Abruzzese origin.

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