The tradition

Molise is a region in the south-east of Italy, confining the regions of Abruzzo, Puglia, Lazio and Campania. This sparsely populated region is home to beautiful abbeys, churches, and castles including the Benedectine Abbey at San Vincenzo al Volturno, the Sanctuary of the Addolorata, Castelpetroso and the Sanctuary of Canneto in Roccavivara.

hilly landscape of Molise

Despite its 1963 recent formation, Molise region unity dates back to 1222, when the Holy Roman Emperor Frederik II founded the County of Molise. The survival of customs and traditions, of handicrafts and the old professions that have disappeared elsewhere, is a special aspect of Molise, making it a forgotten, lost world waiting to be discovered and explored.

Ancient village built into the rock

For example, the traditional, Fair of the Onions is linked to the celebrations of Saints Peter and Paul. It's the most important  fair in the city of Isernia and it is held on 28 and 29 June. This ancient fair dates back to the fifteenth century and It was established initially to facilitate trade of onion of the local producers in Isernia.

This cut come from a regional tradition that has been handed down from generation to generation.

Fun Fact…

Robert De Niro’s family origins are from Molise, in Ferrazzano.

Did you know…

Molise's climate is unsuitable for grazing animals in the winter, so herdsmen have traditionally used paths called tratture to guide their animals to greener and more fertile pastures at the end of summer and the start of spring.

It’s interesting that…

From Molise, you can take a ferry and reach the, Tremiti islands, characterized by crystal clear sea unlike any other.

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