The tradition

Puglia (Apulia) is the long beautiful peninsula at the extreme south-east of Italy. Antiquity and history are words that perfectly describe Puglia. It is situated in the heart of the Mediterranean and it is a land of lush, fragrant olive trees, traditional vineyards, and a fertile soil which lends itself to the cultivation of many important Italian ingredients.

typical landscape with olive grove

Puglia offers a wide range of places that testify to the ancient origins of the land: from prehistory to Magna Graecia, from the Imperial Age to the Renaissance and the Baroque splendor of Lecce and of  Salento.

the Baroque splendor of Lecce

Food festivals, known as sagre, are held every month in Puglia, with each month dedicated to a specific food tradition.  For example, watermelon is celebrated  everywhere the month of July. 

food festival in Puglia

Food is the protagonist in the Apulian culture and an explosion of flavor is always to be expected  in every dish. Handpicked herbs,  wild vegetables, and homemade pasta are staples in the Apulian diet.  Key ingredients in the cuisine of Puglia are include olive oil, artichokes, tomatoes and mushrooms.

Fun Facts

In the 5th and 4th centuries BC, the Greek settlement produced a distinctive style of pottery, known as Apulian vase painting.

The tarantella is said to have originated from the city of Taranto.

Puglia is home to over 50 million olive trees. Many of them centuries old! 

Did you know?

Trulli have been used as a temporary shelter for shepherds since the 18th century. In Alberobello, known as the "Capital of Trull", in the UNESCO World Heritage sites list since 1996, you can discover and explore them.

It’s interesting that…

You can see the Albany coastline, just 80 km far, from Punta Palascìa,  Italy's easternmost point, situated in the city of Otranto.

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