The tradition

Sicily is an island off the coast of Calabria, the "toe of Italy". It is the largest island in the Mediterranean. Sicily is separated from mainland Italy, only by the narrow Strait of Messina and it's located about 100 miles northeast of Tunisia. It's central location in the Mediterranean Sea made it easy to be conquered by the Greeks, Byzantines, Arabs, and Norman peoples.  

Scopello's faraglioni

Sicily, possibly, has the most complex and interesting history of all the Italian regions. The various political and ethnic influences have constructed a rich mosaic of culture. Today, Sicily 's identity encompasses tradition, family, and the strong influence of the Catholic Church.

Sicily is a rich mosaic of culture

Tradition is ubitiquous. You feel and see it in every aspect of daily life.  From the young boys playing soccer in the piazza to the the hot summer days with old grandmothers making traditional Italian dishes, like Pasta alla Norma to the street vendors selling traditional granita in the alleys.

Food is a daily ritual, Sicily's fertile lends is a perfect climate to grow tasty eggplant, succulent tomatoes, and the juicy red oranges of Sicily.

Fun Fact…

Forbes ranked Palermo, the capital of Sicily, among the top five cities for street food.

Did you know…

The tallest active volcano in Europe, Mount Etna, is located in Catania, in Sicily.

It’s interesting that…

The olives of Nocellara del Belice are some of the excellent products that distinguish Sicilian food.

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