Anelli giganti

Anelli giganti

Artisan giant pasta

Campania’s cuisine has its origins from the cultural contaminations during about two thousand years of dominations, from the first Greek and Roman influences, through the glorious reigns of France and Spain. Campanian culinary art became rich in different flavors and developed them, while emphasizing the ancient traditions of its people.

Artisan pasta manufacturing is the flagship of Campania region. The world-famous Campanian shapes of pasta, which are now appreciated all over the world, were inspired by numerous aspects of everyday life, from the most flourishing Courts to the simplicity of common citizens.

Bella Italia Regionali Giant Pasta is a unique line of selected artisan giant cuts from Campania region, home of the greatest “Maestri Pastai”, the renowned Neapolitan pasta makers since the 16th Century. Made according to the traditional pasta making techniques, for the most authentic flavor.

Today our Giant Pasta is made by bronze die extrusion to preserve a rough texture and a porous surface, both perfect to catch pasta sauce wonderfully.

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    Bella Italia


Inspired by the golden jewels once worn by the noble women of Southern Italy, Anelli Giganti – “giant rings” in English – is a circular shaped pasta cut recalling the splendid golden bracelets typically worn during special events. Originally from Sicily region, this pasta became highly popular among the inhabitants of Campania with the name “calamarata”, from the Italian word “calamaro” which means squid (in fact, its silhouette resembles a sliced squid).

Pairing suggestion

To enjoy Anelli Giganti at its best, serve this ring-shaped pasta with a gourmet Datterini tomatoes sauce enriched with tender squid loops: a touch of Neapolitan tradition at home!

This product is available in USA, Australia, Canada, EU and Rest of the World

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