Calabrian Chile & Garlic

Calabrian Chile & Garlic

Stir-in sauces

Take a mouthwatering journey through the heart of Italian cuisine with our extraordinary range of Stir-In sauces. Each one is a culinary masterpiece that combines tradition and innovation. Our Stir-In sauces are a concentrate of flavors halfway between pasta and pesto sauce, offering a luxuriously creamy texture that elevates every meal.

We are inspired by the land of chilies and intense flavors, using premium ingredients. Carefully harvested Calabrian chili peppers and freshly picked garlic give our Stir-In sauce an authentic, fiery nuance, enjoying each bite as if kissed by the warm sun of the Calabria region.

A piquant taste from Calabria

Immerse in a symphony of bold flavors with our fragrant Stir-In “Calabrian Chile & Garlic.” This sauce is a true flavor explosion that will captivate you with its tangy taste. Spicy Calabrian chile and garlic are the key ingredients in this condiment, combining in a vortex of vibrant, pungent flavors. Our sauce is a tribute to Calabria’s culinary tradition that pleasantly conquers every palate.

  • No GMO
  • Vegan
  • Kosher
  • Vegetarian
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    6.35oz- 180gr
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Add our Calabrian Chile & Garlic Stir-In to pasta for a boost of spiciness or spread it on sandwiches for a touch of intense flavor.

Bring the taste of Calabria straight to your table. Our Calabrian Chile & Garlic Stir-In sauce turns every meal into a spicy experience like no other. Buon appetito!

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