Bella Italia Ancient Grains


Start an exceptional gastronomic journey through the centuries with our latest product: the new Bella Italia Ancient Grains pasta line! 🚀

Bella Italia Ancient Grains is a unique line of pasta, meticulously created from selected grains and cereals cultivated for centuries in the same time-honored way, preserving all the best benefits among those enjoyed by our ancestors thousands of years ago.

Our pasta is masterfully crafted at an authentic Italian pasta factory, ensuring a genuine flavor and an excellent cooking texture that tribute the rich culinary heritage of Italy.

Let us present the extraordinary variety of our pasta crafted from ancient grains:

Organic KAMUT® Fusilli: Take a dip into the culinary past, a journey back in time through the purity of this ancient grain that has never been modified or hybridized. Fusilli is a popular and appreciated pasta cut from Italian cuisine. The spiral shape has historical origins and offers great versatility in cooking, as it captures sauces and condiments. 

Organic Farro Strozzapreti: Spelt, an ancient grain with deep roots in Italy’s agricultural tradition, provides this pasta with genuine and nutritious features, perfectly aligned with an authentic and healthy culinary experience. Strozzapreti is a popular and distinctive pasta cut from Italian cuisine. The special curvy and wrapping shape makes this pasta unique and highly appreciated by all pasta lovers.

Teff Penne: Delight in the delicate flavors of Teff, an age-old grain, cultivated with passion and dedication for generations, in Ethiopia’s Horn of Africa, and now elegantly shaped into our gluten-free penne. This pasta expertly combines tradition and innovation, brilliantly passing the test of time.

Elevate your culinary experience and try our Bella Italia Ancient Grains pasta – where gastronomic tradition knows no boundaries in time.

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