Organic Scialatielli Campani with Mushroom Alfredo

Try this twist on a traditional Alfredo pasta with a mix of juicy porcini mushrooms and a hint of grated truffle. The added butter and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese makes the dish extra creamy and it is simply perfect with Bella Italia Organic Scialatielli Campani pasta!


Organic Gigli Toscani with creamy potatoes

Have you ever tried making pasta in just one pan? This scrumptious pasta recipe combines Organic Gigli Toscani pasta with creamy potatoes and the aroma of rosemary in all in one. The result is a cheesy heart-warming dish that that takes little time to prepare and even less to devour.


Busiati trapanesi all’arrabbiata

The Italian Arrabbiata is an easy recipe for hot tomato sauce, bold in flavor thanks to the harmonious mix of chili pepper, fragrant garlic, and peeled tomatoes.

Sprinkle it with a handful of savory Pecorino Romano cheese right before serving and enjoy at home one of the most known Italian recipes in the world! Just a curiosity about the name: arrabbiata means literally “angry”, a funny reference to those who might end up with red cheeks when eating this sauce!


Fileja Calabresi fritatta carbonara

One of the best recipes of the Italian cuisine – the wonderful Carbonara from Lazio region – meets the crispness of the traditional frittata di pasta, another typical pasta dish from Italy, which is often prepared as the perfect meal to take on a road trip. In fact, it can be enjoyed hot or cold. Trust us when we say this frittata Carbonara will win your heart... and your appetite!


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