Organic Pappardelle

Organic Pappardelle

Artisan nested Pasta

Among all the beauties to discover in Italy, Emilia-Romagna region excels for its artistic and architectonical treasures and, above all, for its exceptionally varied gastronomy, well known all over the world.

Emilia-Romagna comprises two adjacent regions with widely different histories and fortunes over the centuries: Emilia and Romagna. The differences between these two areas are also notable in their respective cuisines: hearty and luscious in Emilia, more sober in Romagna.

Yet both cooking styles preserve the love for rich, abundant condiments expertly prepared with simple ingredients.

Artisan pasta is one of the most popular products the Emilia-Romagna region produces from scratch, handing down its tradition for generations.

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  • Vegan
  • Kosher
  • Vegetarian
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    12oz - 340g
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    Bella Italia
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Pappardelle is one of Emilia-Romagna’s excellences and has became an undisputed protagonist all over Italy. It is a flat pasta cut in the shape of a wide ribbon, very similar to Tagliatelle pasta but significantly wider. Thanks to its width, Pappardelle captures sauces more easily, making it the perfect choice for rich preparations.

The name Pappardelle probably comes from the ancient Italian verb “pappare,” meaning “to eat with joy and pleasure”. Our Bella Italia Organic Pappardelle is made only with natural ingredients, according to the original recipe from Bologna city.


Bella Italia Organic Pappardelle pasta is bronze extruded for a rough texture and porous surface, perfect to catch any sauce impeccably and provide an outstanding experience in taste at each bite. This pasta is traditionally served with rich condiments, especially meat-based sauces, such as the traditional boar ragù from Emilia-Romagna. Also exquisite with thick cheesy sauces enriched with scented herbs and vegetables.

This product is available in USA, Australia, Canada, EU and Rest of the World

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