Organic Tagliatelle

Organic Tagliatelle

Artisan nested Pasta

Among all the beauties to discover in Italy, the Emilia-Romagna region excels for its artistic and architectonical treasures and, above all, for its exceptionally varied gastronomy, well known all over the world.

Emilia-Romagna is composed of two adjacent regions that had widely different histories and fortunes over the centuries: Emilia and Romagna. The differences between these two areas are also notable in their respective cuisines: hearty and luscious in Emilia, more sober in Romagna.

Yet both cooking styles preserve the love for rich, abundant condiments expertly prepared with simple ingredients.

Artisan pasta is one of the most popular products the Emilia-Romagna region produces from scratch, handing down its tradition for generations.

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Tagliatelle pasta is a staple of Italian cuisine, very popular all over the world.

Its origins can be found in the Emilia-Romagna region, in northern Italy. More precisely, Tagliatelle was born in Bologna city and, along with ragù sauce, creates one of the most famous and exquisite Italian dishes worldwide: Tagliatelle “alla Bolognese”.

Tagliatelle is a flat pasta cut in the shape of a ribbon, very similar to Pappardelle pasta but tighter. Its name probably comes from the Italian verb “tagliare,” meaning “to cut”, because these ribbons of pasta were traditionally hand-cut. Legend tells the shape was inspired by the long, blond hair of a beautiful aristocratic lady from the Emilia region.


Our pasta is made only with natural ingredients and inspired by the traditional recipe of Bologna. Bella Italia Organic Tagliatelle pasta is bronze extruded to obtain a rough texture and a porous surface, ideal for catching any sauce to perfection and offering an amazing eating enjoyment at any bite. Tagliatelle is best paired with the iconic Italian Ragù, a slowly-cooked tomato and meat-based sauce, prepared with the traditional “soffritto” and braised with wine. Also great with seafood or other delicious vegetable-based condiments, such as cheesy sauces enriched with mushrooms or truffle, and more.

This product is available in USA, Australia, Canada, EU and Rest of the World

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