Cicatelli Molisani 4 cheese

Looking for a special recipe that will surprise your guests? This four cheeses baked pasta recipe will melt your heart with its harmonious combination of flavors, from the woody notes of Porcini Mushroom to the savory taste of ricotta and Gorgonzola cheeses. And guess what, all you need is a pan!


Busiati Trapanesi with mascarpone, walnuts and dark chocolate

Extremes meet in this sensational recipe, ideal for a Valentine’s Day special dinner. The creaminess of mascarpone cheese blends perfectly with the crunchiness of toasted walnuts, creating a perfect combo of flavors and textures. The lovely touch at the end is some flakes of melty dark chocolate to show your love with a special homemade dish that will delight every palate.


Busiati Trapanesi pasta salad

A great summer classic where the creaminess of basil pesto joins the delicate taste of mozzarella cheese and the crunchiness of vegetables. This fresh and tasty pasta salad is super easy to prepare and is the perfect choice for a lunchbox, a work lunchtime or a picnic with family and friends!


Busiati Trapanesi drunken pasta

Drunken pasta is a great recipe which will leave you totally speechless! You will be amazed by how this dish fully invokes all your senses at each bite. Complete with black olives and some Pecorino Romano shavings for an enchanting eye-catching appearance. You will feel like you're enjoying your favorite pasta along with a nice glass of red wine.


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