Organic Farro Strozzapreti

Organic Farro Strozzapreti

Ancient grains

Discover the genuine flavors from the past and be delighted by our Bella Italia Ancient Grain pasta range. A unique selection of pasta made with ancient grains and cereals grown according to tradition handed down through generations.

Ancient grains are true jewels of biodiversity and historical grain heritage. These wheat varieties have challenged time without receiving any genetic manipulation or artificial selection, keeping their original features intact. They offer an intense and unique taste that evokes the flavors of past eras.

Bella Italia Organic Farro Strozzapreti pasta is made with Triticum Dicoccum, one of the first grains cultivated by man since the rise of agriculture. This variety of spelt probably originated back in the ancient “Fertile Crescent” – a crescent-shaped region of the Middle East whose shores were flooded by the Euphrates, Tigris, and Nile rivers. Then, it spread to Italy, where it became the most widely grown and cultivated grain during the Roman times and in the Middle Ages, keeping its relevance until the discovery of America.

One of the distinctive features of this cereal is its remarkable resistance and low environmental impact associated with its cultivation. This plant is extraordinarily adaptable to different types of soil and temperatures and shows significant resistance to diseases. Easy to digest and with an intense aroma, ancient spelt is a tasty alternative to classic wheat. It is a source of protein and fiber, B vitamins, and essential minerals.

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  • Vegan
  • Kosher
  • Vegetarian
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    12oz - 340gr
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Strozzapreti is a popular and distinctive pasta cut from Italian cuisine. The special curvy and wrapping shape makes this pasta unique and highly appreciated by pasta lovers all over the world. The name “strozzapreti” originates from an old funny rumor about the greed of priests: women from the Emilia-Romagna region, during celebration days, used to prepare huge amounts of this pasta for offering to the village priest leaving nothing for their husbands.

Masterfully crafted with passion by expert Italian pasta makers, our organic Farro pasta delivers all the authentic nature of this tasty ancient grain. Each Strozzaprete is carefully crafted to ensure excellent firmness during cooking and a texture that perfectly suits all kinds of sauces. In fact, the porous surface of the pasta wonderfully retains the condiment, giving an authentic culinary pleasure.


Bella Italia Organic Farro Strozzapreti pasta is delicious and rich in benefits for the body thanks to the properties of whole spelt flour. Suitable for preparing many delectable recipes from Italian gastronomy. Exquisite with tomato-based sauces, such as meat Ragรน, veggie pesto, and cheesy condiments. The wrapping silhouette makes Farro Strozzapreti perfect pasta salads and cold dishes, enhancing the taste and appearance of the dish.

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