Organic KAMUT® Fusilli

Organic KAMUT® Fusilli

Ancient grains

Discover the genuine flavors from the past and be delighted by our Bella Italia Ancient Grain pasta range. A unique selection of pasta made with ancient grains and cereals grown according to tradition handed down through generations.

Ancient grains are true jewels of biodiversity and historical grain heritage. These wheat varieties have challenged time without receiving any genetic manipulation or artificial selection, keeping their original features intact. They offer an intense and unique taste that evokes the flavors of past eras.

One of the world’s precious ancient grains is KAMUT® (Khorasan wheat). KAMUT® is an ancient grain, never modified or hybridized, grown exclusively according to organic farming principles. Khorasan wheat stands out for its nutritional value, easy digestibility, and delicious creamy nutty flavor. It is a source of protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals, especially selenium.

The history of Khorasan wheat dates to ancient times, between myth and reality. Legend tells about the discovery of ancient seeds found in an Egyptian tomb, carried to the United States in 1949 by an aviator and then delivered to his father, a farmer originally from Montana. The grain was later grown and registered under the name “KAMUT®”, derived from the ancient Egyptian word for “wheat”. 

  • No GMO
  • Vegan
  • Kosher
  • Vegetarian
  • Cooking time
  • Weight
    12oz - 340gr
  • Shape
    Bella Italia
  • Nutrition facts
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Fusilli is a popular and appreciated pasta cut from Italian cuisine. The spiral shape has historical origins and offers great versatility in cooking, as it captures sauces and condiments, evenly releasing the flavors at each bite.

Masterfully crafted with passion and expertise at a skilled Italian pasta factory, our organic KAMUT® pasta expresses the authentic nature of this ancient grain. Each Fusillo is carefully crafted to offer excellent firmness during cooking and a texture that suits any type of sauce. In fact, the porous surface retains the sauce wonderfully, allowing the condiment to fully blend with the pasta, giving an authentic culinary pleasure.


Bella Italia Organic KAMUT® Fusilli pasta is delicious and full of benefits for the body thanks to the properties of the ancient Khorasan wheat. It is ideal for multiple preparations, suitable to cook delicious and healthy dishes. Best paired with rich, full-bodied sauces and vegetable pesto, such as “Sugo alla Norma”, made with eggplant, savory ricotta cheese, basil, and tomato, or with a pesto of arugula and walnuts for a fresher finish.

This product is available in USA

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