Busiati Trapanesi

Busiati Trapanesi

Artisan pasta

Sicily is one of the loveliest regions of Italy: sun-kissed all year round, this marvelous island can boast miles of coast touched by a crystalline sea which attracts visitors from all over the world.

More than two hundred years of Arabic domination radically marked the traditions and habits of Sicily, also influencing the culinary heritage. It seems that the ancient Greek poet Archestratus, born in the Sicilian city of Gela, was inspired by the deliciousness of Sicilian food in writing a celebrative ode, which set the foundation for the modern definition of “gastronomy”.

Sicilian cuisine is by far one of the most appreciated Italian gastronomies, both by Italians themselves and by foreigners visiting the “Bel Paese”. It includes a large variety of fresh local raw materials, such as almonds, pistachios, olives, tomatoes and eggplants. A special reference to the exquisite citrus fruits, which became the symbol of the island.

Thanks to its strategic position into the Mediterranean Sea, much of Sicilian cuisine also enjoys the consumption of fish, such as tuna, anchovies, sea bream and swordfish, which are at the base of many of the best Sicilian recipes.

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Busiati Trapanesi is a typical twisted-shaped pasta of the Sicilian culinary art, so-called for its Arabic origins. In the past, in fact, this cut was obtained by gently wrapping a small piece of dough around an iron stick to get the splendid, curled silhouette we all known, but much earlier the Arabs rolled the dough around a tiny cane (“bus” in Arabic). Today Busiati pasta is made with Baresina machine, which ensures the same twisted silhouette of the homemade version.


For the ultimate taste experience, pair Busiati Trapanesi with our Bella Italia Sugo alla Norma: the whole Sicilian tradition at your home!

This product is available in US, EU and Australia.

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