Cicatelli molisani

Cicatelli molisani

Artisan pasta

Despite its small area, Molise region is known all over the world for the enchanting landscape nestled between the high mountains and the Adriatic Sea. The whole territory preserves unaltered the peculiar mountainous panorama, which encourages farming and agriculture. The magic of this small portion of Italy, in fact, lies in the echoes of the rural life that still characterizes most of the local people’s routine.

The history of Molisani traditional gastronomy is deeply rooted into the so-called “cucina povera” – poor people’s cuisine, in English – mainly based on genuine raw materials, wisely cooked to create a lot of heartwarming and nourishing dishes extremely rich in flavor.

Molise region is also known for its exceptional artisanal pasta, processed to be perfectly paired especially with meat-based sauces, enriched with regional vegetables and aromatic herbs.

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Cicatelli, also called Cavatielli in dialect, is a typical pasta of the Molise culinary tradition. In the past, this cut was obtained by stretching the dough by hand until it got to an elongated shape with curly edges. The long tradition of this pasta shape is handed down through the generations. Today it is made with the Baresina machine, which preserves the same silhouette and features of the homemade Cicatelli pasta.


This pasta shape is great with both meat-based and vegetable-based sauces. For a perfect match, Bella Italia offers the best partner for Cicatelli Molisani: the delicious Bella Italia Sugo alla Campagnola!

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