Fileja calabresi

Fileja calabresi

Artisan pasta

The fascination of the Calabria region comes from its geographical singularity: in fact, despite it is touched on three sides by three different seas, its coasts are largely characterized by cliffs which significantly limit the presence of beaches. This interesting natural setting greatly impacted the population’s lifestyle, favoring living in the mountains over living by the sea.

The development of Calabrian gastronomy comes from the rural life of its inhabitants, who built up a deep devotion for the raw materials they cultivate and for the products they produced. Calabrian people promote the unique flavors of their extraordinary region by launching a multitude of local festivals.

The famous chili peppers, the salami rich in flavor, the unique red onions, as well as the fragrant bergamot (a typical variety of orange that grows exclusively in Calabria), are just a few examples of the specialties that Calabria offers.

Calabrian recipes are the mirror of the passion and the experience that local people have always proudly expressed to enhance at their best the aromas and flavors of their ancient culinary history.

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Fileja, also known as โ€œmaccheroni calabresiโ€ in Italy, is a typical pasta of the Calabria culinary tradition. In the past, the shape was obtained by wrapping the dough around a stick called โ€œvirgulaโ€, which means small rod, and then stretching it out. Today it is made with Baresina machine. Our revisited version of this pasta cut resembles the Scialatielli Campani.


Fileja pasta is exceptional with tomato-based sauces enriched with yummy ingredients, such as meat or vegetables. To enjoy the genuineness of Calabria region, here is the perfect combo: Fileja Calabresi with our Bella Italia Sugo alla Paesana!

This product is available in USA, Australia, Canada, EU and Rest of the World

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