Organic Scialatielli Campani

Organic Scialatielli Campani

Organic artisan pasta

Starting from the enchanting Tyrrhenian Sea, the undisputed king of the entire area, which is home to the lovely islands of Ischia, Capri and Procida, up to the rich vegetation that extends to Vesuvius, which overlooks the Gulf of Naples and frames it in a gorgeous and everlasting painting, the discovery of Campania is an unforgettable journey. Its long history and the beauties of its artistic heritage made it a must-see attraction for millions of tourists.

Campania’s cuisine is the result of all these marvels. It has its origins from the cultural contaminations during about two thousand years of dominations, from the first Greek and Roman influences, through the glorious reigns of France and Spain. Campanian culinary art became rich in different flavors and developed them, while emphasizing the ancient traditions of its people.

The vibrant food scene of Campania proudly offers all the best flavors of its natural ingredients, from seafood to fresh vegetables, from the famous “mozzarella di bufala” to scented citrus fruits. Each recipe comes from hundred years of expertise that Campanian people have matured in the combination of these exquisite raw materials. Recipes that, for sure, never disappoint.

  • No GMO
  • Vegan
  • Kosher
  • Vegetarian
  • Cooking time
  • Weight
    1 lb
  • Shape
    Bella Italia


Scialatiello “verace” is a flat, short fettuccine-like pasta. Its name probably derives from the Neapolitan verb “scigliare” – which means to ruffle – because they look like ruffled and messy woolen threads. Since the time of great Maestri Pastai from the Amalfi Coast, Scialatielli ribbons were made by rolling a large sheet of dough, then simply cutted with a kitchen knife to get slightly irregular strips. Today this pasta is made with the Baresina machine, which preserves the original shape.


Scialatielli Campani pasta is the perfect choice for preparing many great traditional Neapolitan seafood-based dishes.

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