Strascinati pugliesi

Strascinati pugliesi

Artisan pasta

The history of Apulia (or Puglia, in Italian) has strongly marked the evolution of its culinary tradition. The decline of nobility started during the Middle Age, in fact, induced a change in the gastronomical habits of the era.

The people dedicated themselves to farming, fishing and the cultivation of the simplest raw materials, becoming highly specialized in pasta and bread manufacturing, to face the growing condition of poverty.

Nowadays the Apulia region is renowned for its artisanal pasta, full of many appealing and unique shapes, and for the delectable “focaccia pugliese”, a special bread-like type of pizza.

Over the centuries, the culinary art of Apulia enriched itself with many Mediterranean flavors and, thanks to the hundredโ€™s miles of coastline, it also offers a rich variety of seafood.

Despite the simplicity of the ingredients widely used in the Apulian culinary tradition, such as broccoli, artichokes and eggplants, the Apulian gastronomy is one of the richest in flavor cuisines of Italy and it is much appreciated worldwide.

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    Bella Italia
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Resembling to an olive leaf, Strascinati is a typical pasta of the Apulia region. In the past, this cut was obtained by dragging the dough with three fingers on a wooden table giving the pasta the distinctive rough and sleek surface. Today it is made with Baresina machine, which preserves the same silhouette and features of the homemade Strascinati pasta.


Strascinati pasta pairs perfectly well with vegetable-based pasta sauce. The best choice for it? Our Bella Italia Sugo alle Cime di Rapa, inspired by the best Apulian pasta sauce ever!

This product is available in USA, Australia, Canada, EU and Rest of the World

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