Organic Gigli Toscani

Organic Gigli Toscani

Organic artisan pasta

Toscana’s rich culinary tradition was formally codified in the 19th century under the Lorena dynasty. During the Renaissance, Florentine gastronomy was expressed through sumptuous banquets, which were an elegant manifestation of Tuscan culture amidst aristocracy of that era. The relevance of such events prompted the most famous artists of the time, such as the sculptor Bernardo Buontalenti, to devote themselves to the organization of a huge variety of ceremonies.

The culinary art became a science thanks to several cooking and etiquettes books, which have been handed down over the generation. Florentine like to highlight that once Caterina de’ Medici married King Henry II in 1533 she introduced the recipes that enabled the French cuisine.

Tuscan cuisine embraces a unique rustic charm founded on the excellent quality of the raw materials and reflects the strong identity and genuine spirit of the Tuscan people.

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    Bella Italia
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Resembling to a lily flower, which is the symbol of Florence since the Roman Empire, Gigli is a typical pasta of the Tuscany culinary tradition. In the past, this cut was obtained by rolling each small piece of dough into the figure of a flower with ruffled edges. Today it is made by bronze die extrusion keeping a rough texture and a porous surface, both perfect to catch pasta sauce wonderfully.

Pairing suggestions

The unique curly silhouette makes Gigli Toscani perfect for meat-based sauces, which greatly cling to it at every bite. For an exquisite experience in taste, try Gigli Toscani with our Bella Italia Ragù alla Fiorentina!


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